Next to Gold

We here at California Crown are fortunate enough that we live in one of the dopest neighborhoods in SF. With every spot one would want to visit basically within walking distance from us, we used some downtime to take a journey towards gold (that being the iconic and always inspiring Golden Gate). While the destination was the focus, the in between moments reminded us why we love the SFC so G*D DVMN much. Take a second to see some of our favorite images as we marched towards the bridge we all love to see.


Brotha Niel in stride 



Like Cross Traffic -- The Crown does not stop 



That trolly hype 



How we use to create



Cruising in our streets 



Pigeon rocking his Air Yeezy 2 Red Octobers 



Brick squad building



Gold in sight



Thayer bearing the Crown






Pullin stars



F*ck Willy Wonka -- We got chocolate 



Brotha Niel and Russian Hill



Getting closer to the Oro 




Towering -- The Republic's bridge 



We take pride in our state, and our surroundings are what inspire us. It's structures like the Golden Gate that bring people from all over the world to see what California has to offer, and once they see it, they never want to leave.


Love your roots, love your culture, and bear the California Crown.