This weekend, we jumped on the last JetBlue flight heading to the East Coast in order to spread the California Crown word. With New York being a mecca for fashion driven individuals, The Crown being stocked on the shelves of some of the Big Apple's dopest spots has our excitement level higher than Lil Boosie's welcome home party. Between business, we were lucky enough to explore this crazy city, and get to see how the other side lives. Here is just some of what the Beastly East had to offer


Airplane essentials 






Getting in at 5AM (AKA Red AM)



Couch Life NYC 



Chief & Frames 



The nightly inspiration 



In thought 



The Early bird gets it



Loafing around 



Hitting the streets



Always breakfast before business



Boating around NY 



Gotta hit the shops and put in the legwork -- time to grind 



Love ya ta death



Wall scribble 



High stakes 



Sometimes we all do 



Hitting the Armory to see some of the world's best artists



Wavy textures






Sir Shadow killin it 



Book pains 



Thank God 



I mean...



Yes they is



Monks with Blades 



This trip was another forward moving step in the mission to spread California Crown throughout the world. Even with the gains we made during our trip to NYC, we won't stop trying to perfect our craft. Stay posted for our next excursion, and until then, always remember to Bear the California Crown.