SATURDAYS : Taco Bell and Beer Festivals

The weekends in the SFC are often overwhelming due to the fact that is always crazy (at least mildly) shit to do. Someone might be hitting you up for bottomless mimosas, while other's want to get ratchet on a rooftop (usually the standard choice). Even with these common choices, the options for catharsis via raging seems to be a never ending list. With a lengthy list to choose from, we chose to get weird by hitting the dopest Taco Bell in existence, and following that up with the shwasty debauchery of San Francisco's Beer Festival. While we can't show you all that took place, here is a scoop of what we did.


Surfer/Green lover's paradise 



Crunchwraps on the beach for days



Always to go 



Crushing waves and burritos since 72



Not your basic TBELL scene 






Front of the shit show line 



Drake's = First stop always. Supporting our local brews 



The real motto 



In between beers 



High as a kite


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