Shay Diddy X Wiz Khalifa X ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Incase you have been sleeping under a big-ass rock, you've probably heard the name Shay Diddy once or twice. A native to San Francisco, this boss lady has been one of the premier voices for Bay Area's top hip hop station 106 KMEL. Associating herself with the likes of IamSu, YG, Sage The Gemini (who admitted to having a long lasting crush on Shay), Wiz Khalifa, and basically anybody who is anybody in the rap game, she has proven herself to be more than just a radio host, and has become a legitimate Bay Area icon. Even with her level of fame, Shay stays true to her San Francisco roots, and continues to be a supporter of California Crown. So if you haven't already learned, get your ears to a radio, tune in to 106.1 KMEL between 6-11 pm, and get familiar with one of the Bay's rising stars!


OG with YG. Rockin the crown since the early days. 



Keeping it real with Wiz Khalifa onset. Making the CA Crop look damn good too. 


Oh, did we mention she is charitable too? AND she makes it look damn good. Keep listening to her segment because you never know what kind of crazy shit she has up her sleeves (or crops). 
Did we mention that she is charitable too? And she makes it look DAMN good. So, stay posted to her segment, and keep informed with the top news from the hip hop world. Special Thanks to Shay, DJ Irry, and the rest of the 106.1 KMEL Gang.