Scandinavia : Part 1

Before the process of creating this blog post even started, the idea of creating an accurate description of this trip seemed like a daunting task. Not because the trip lacked content or excitement, but because it was obvious that that the sheer ridiculousness of this place/experience would be nearly impossible to replicate simply with pictures and words. Everything in Scandinavia seemed to be ten times more dope than regular life. The people were amazing (and goddamn beautiful), the sights looked like real life photoshop, and the style was on-fucking-point. Inspiration was drawn from so many different parts of this trip, and the biz and fam connections that were made have ensured that The Crøwn will be heading back to this part of the world. With that said, check out the first leg of the trip as we stumbled into Oslo without a clue of what to expect --


We suggest listening to this mix by Kygo while scrolling. He's the next big thing, and of course, he is from Norway.



 Alright, so as a lot of people do, we wondered into the airport Chili's to grab a beer or five before the flight. Not the best plan. Trying to drink and take a selfie caused a slight mishap (dropping the camera AND beer), and broke the flash - tears*. Nevertheless, we hopped on the new Norwegian Dreamliner in Oakland, and set off to Norway buzzy as hell. 

And the ridiculous sights begin. The visuals above Greenland, Iceland, and Norway were unreal. Definitely helped ease flying hungover. 

Okay, so, despite the roundtrip ticket from Oakland to Oslo and back being a total of $600 (yes... $600), Alcohol in these countries will burn a fat hole in your pocket. One beer can run anywhere from $10 - $20 (and you all thought baseball games were crazy pricey). Thus, preparation was a MUST. HIT THE DUTY FREE ASAP!!!

Wounded selfies upon landing. Had to happen. 

Country side from the Taxi

Norwegian architecture was crazy. Still hungover at this point too... Oops. 

Been tryin to tell ya. 

Lost and lookin at chvrches. 

Pink pots and Stars. 



Sun never sets on The Crøwn... And it doesn't move much this far North. The Opera House was one of the dopest spots too. Designed by the same man who designed the Sydney Opera House, it is open to the public to walk on, drink on, and nearly kill yourself on (balance can be severely hampered by jet lag).

Glass Iceberg sculpture. 

On that Bruce Wayne shit

$30 out the window. Worth it. 

Light game strong 

Some serious views. Type of sight that'd make Knowshon Moreno cry a giant singular tear

Fuckin De Niro and shit 

First night coming to a close.

Some serious graffiti in Oslo. 

Probably $30 or more... Maaaaybe not worth it. 

Bricks. City Hall



 A very real inquiry