Above The Border : The Bomb Squad

While California has been enduring it's worst drought in 500 years, our Canadian neighbors have been coolin in frigid, snow-topped conditions. With these frozen landscapes being the perfect environment for our Altitude Bomber Jacket, we knew we had to extend California Crown above our Northern boarder. Lucky for us, we linked up with some young artists from Ontario who are straight up wizards with cameras. With their cold tones and our gear, the newest part of the California Crown community was created: The Bomb Squad. Comprised of @lunatiqsoul, @enterheaverns, and @seffcazza, the Bomb Squad put together a lookbook that not only dropped our jaws, but also received attention from one of the most highly regarded street wear publications out there (Highsnobiety). So, without further hype, enjoy the visuals from the cold streets of Canada: 

 Until next time, look out for more work from The Bomb Squad and the California Crown community.