While we often talk about our international California Crown Community, this time around we are keeping it local with our girl Arley Elizabeth. While we have been talking with Arley for some time now, it took doing a shoot with her to figure out how extensive her reach really is. Aside from being a Corona Ring girl for some of the largest bouts in recent boxing history  -we're talking big card fights - she has also found herself on the race tracks working with some of the biggest names in the industry (Continental tires and Advance Tuner to name a few). Despite her recognition through various channels, Arley might be one of the most zen, down to earth individuals we have welcomed to the California Crown Community. With that, see how she rocks the Crown on a cold morning in Downtown LA:


Whether you're at the race track, or "finding your beach" ring side with a Corona, be sure to keep an eye out for Ms. Arley Elizabeth.