Fixed Gear Friends : Cody in The Crown

Cody is an LA local who has been rocking with the Crown since the early days. While we first encountered him in the apparel industry, Cody began his cycling career long before we met professionally. 

In 2009, Cody was jumped at his local bus stop on his way home from school. To avoid a similar fate for her son, his mother bought him his first road bike. What started as means to an end blossomed into something bordering on obsession. As this new love for spinning spokes started off merely for transportation, it quickly developed into a deep desire to race competitively.

After hitting the circuit for several years, Cody helped co-found Team Fix Fixie. With a shared love for cycling and competitive racing, Cody and his team raised enough money and awareness to showcase their talents at a plethora of well established races. For Cody however, he quickly was recruited to an even more competitive squad, and has traveled as far as South Korea to compete on the international stage with Engine 11. 

With the release of our new Crown Commuter series, we could not have thought of a better person to give them their first test ride. Check out our teaser video courtesy of @FadeToBlake and be sure to stay tuned for more from @CaliforniaCrown & @CodyLovesToFlexx .


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