From modeling for Canada Goose, chowing down on an artisanal burger, Summer Morgan is quickly carving out a name for herself across North America. Hailing from Canada, Summer has been playing the focal point for numerous major brands on the Best Coast. Lucky for us, we were able to catch her in between bookings to create some waves with our new suede strapbacks. Along with that, we were able to chop it up with Morgan, and learn a little more about the Mischievous Fox:

CC: Starting off with the basics, where are you from in California? Along with that, where are you currently?

SM: I was raised in Calgary, Alberta. Which is where I currently am. My hometown is Burlingame, California. My dad’s side of the family is in California and my mom’s side is here in Alberta.

CC: You've been a model for some time now. How did that all come about? Whats the genesis of The Mischievous Fox?

SM: A couple years ago my favourite store opened in Calgary. On a whim I happened to tag them in one of my photos and they posted me. Totally stoked, my Instagram blew up. From there I started to see something coming from that and I was scouted by a few agencies.

CC: Tell us a little bit more about your California roots. Any current connections to California?

SM: Like I said before, my hometown is Burlingame. My mom grew up in California where she met my father. My grandma and grandpa are in Half Moon Bay. My dad lives there too. Lots of family there. Lots of roots. So as soon as your team contacted me to work with you guys, I jumped on board. Always love supporting local brands. Especially if it’s coming from my hometown.

CC: You've been featured in some MAJOR ads. The one that jumps to mind is Sprite. How did that come about?

SM: I actually didn’t think I would have gotten that gig, it was a total shock. I was down working in Mexico City on my first international contract. I was doing lots of work down there but nothing of that caliber. I was, and still am, ecstatic I got that kind of job. Really blessed. Even with the 8 hours of having someone draw fake tattoos on me with a sharpie, haha.

CC: You also run a travel blog. How do you try and distinguish yourself in the vast ocean of travel and adventure bloggers?

SM: I just started a lifestyle blog with my good friend and photographer Chris Amat. We want to take a different approach to blogging. We really want to stay true to our roots and keep everything as real as possible. We don’t want anything surface level and we really want to make everything look new and different from the last. We don’t want anything too uniform because that’s not us. I change everyday and grow and evolve and that’s what I want for my blog.

CC: Whats up next for The Mischievous Fox? Anything we should be on the lookout for?

SM: You’ll have to wait and see! Good things coming


Click HERE Keep up with The Mischievous Fox. Also, huge thanks to Chris Amat for the killer photography. Both integral members of the Crown Community.